A few weeks ago I followed Snooki on Instagram for a hot second. I unfollowed her because she was blowing up my feed and I just couldn’t handle it, but if you wanna get all lurker on Snooki’s IG feed, you will notice something very important. She takes herself very seriously. Perhaps she would disagree and say she doesn’t, but it would just not be true. Anyone who posts that many #selfies MUST take themselves fairly seriously. Here’s a rundown of her most common photos, in hashtage form, obvi: #selfie #shoes #workoutbod #beach #baby #hair #duckface No, these aren’t necessarily her hashtags, just my interepretation of her photos in hashtag form. Ok. With that being said, I need to get down to business. The business of Snooki. And you. Let’s me first give credit where credit is do, Mama Snooki looks good. She is in great shape and is clearly taking better care of herself. But that’s not the secret ingredient you need to apply in your own business or life in order to pursue you dreams successfully. How seriously do you take your own dreams? Do you doubt that they will come true? Do you question whether they are […]

Are You Loving Too Hard?

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When you love, do you give it everything you have, leaving everything on the table? Do you hold back because you don’t want to be hurt? For those of you in the first group, this is for you. For those of you in the second group, maybe you hold back because you have loved so hard in the past it wound up hurting you, so now you keep your guard up. Whoever you are, keep reading and see if you relate. I have spent the majority of my life feeling like I needed to show how much I loved other people. I have always wanted to make people feel loved and accepted because deep down I felt lost. Showing other people love made me feel whole in some way. I’m not psychoanalyzing this, I am just saying what I have uncovered. So bear with me. Over the course of my life I became alcoholic and eventually got sober, nine years ago. Part of recovery, for me, has been nurturing a relationship with a Higher Power. If you don’t know where to begin to do this…start right where you are, with what you have. Don’t do exactly as I am going […]

Self Doubt Self doubt sounds so “obvious.” You have these dreams: lose 10 pounds, start a business you are passionate about, attract more money, travel, have fun, enjoy life…but just when you think you have started the journey, that little voice inside your head creeps in and tells you “there’s no way you’re gonna be able to do this.” But sometimes the most obvious things are also the most troublesome. What if you started talking back to that voice instead of just believing what it told you? Sure, your friends might think you’re crazy for talking to yourself, but they will be in awe when you start living your dreams. People Pleasing This can be a real doozy. You have your dreams…but do you ever feel selfish for wanting to focus on making them a reality? I’m sure you do. Guilt about focusing on what you want is extremely common in some people, and the only way to break this cycle is to start saying, “no.” It will be uncomfortable at first, but as time passes by you will feel more and more okay with saying, “no.” Remember, there is nothing wrong with pursuing your dreams. It is a beautiful […]

Hello Lovely Dreamer, I am writing today to share a Free Call that I am hosting on Tuesday July 30th at 2:00 PM EST. The purpose of the call is to FINALLY demystify the topic of Manifesting Your Dreams. For the past 8 years, I have been studying, implementing and helping others to work with The Law of Attraction and Manifesting. In that time, I can tell you one thing has come up over and over again: Is taking action more important than simply setting my intention? Once asked, this question snowballs into about 20 other questions, a few of which are: What is the difference between an intention and daydreaming? HOW do I actually set an intention? I’ve set an intention…now what!? What type of action should I take? Is there a “right time” to take action? How do you know when that is? If you are a business owner, or someone who WANTS to start a business…you need to be able to leverage the Laws of The Universe to make your business soar. All the activity in the world will never yield the same results as specific, inspired, aligned action. There is a HUGE difference between action and […]

Are You Doing Spirituality Wrong?

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Today on my walk home from the beach–one of my best times for quiet reflection, meditation and unwinding…I received a very specific message. There are a lot of different ways to connect to God, The Spirit of The Universe, Your Higher Self, etc. Pema Chodron is a Buddhist Nun. Mother Theresa was a Catholic Nun. Esther Hicks connects with Abraham Hicks. Gabrielle Bernstein uses A Course In Miracles and now Kundalini Yoga. Lots of celebrities use Transcendental Meditation. Eckhart Tolle practices and teaches awareness and stillness. Wayne Dyer has taught The Law of Attraction, The Tao Te Ching, amongst others. As I write this, my ego is asking me to write things like, “I see other people…” but my heart is calling me to speak about my OWN struggles. I don’t completely associate with any one way to connect with The Divine. In fact, I have lots of ways to connect, that have  no ginormous following attached to them. Examples: I watch funny movies and laugh. I play with my son. I go running. I CrossFit. At their core, these things bring me back to the moment, which I suppose would be categorized as a Buddhist teaching, but I am […]

Fitness Update

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So, I figured I better give some kind of an update on my pot-baby slimdown. It’s darn busy to be a new mommy, work full time and run a blog! Phew! The truth is this: I’ve been working out, eating healthy, losing weight and gaining muscle back. woop woop! BUT, I just haven’t had the time to blog about it. Frustrating! I’m about 8 lbs over my pre-baby weight. Which puts me at  134. Thank GOD I have a coworker who is also eating healthy and making lifestyle changes because he is seriously helping me to do the same. Don’t you just love how The Universe helps us out with stuff like that? Here’s what I’ve been doing: bought a baby jogger, using the baby jogger taking the stairs at work lifting weights eating a protein-packed breakfast drinking lots of water not snacking on junk eliminating as much sugar as i can not eating desert while i watch tv at night I’m a simple gal. I am not following a specific diet. Nor am I counting calories. I am just eating til I’m full and eating when I’m hungry. And making smart decisions about what I eat. And making sure […]

Change Is Blossoming

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If you’re not on my email list, be sure to sign up…because I was just talking about being stuck in a rut. The truth is, we all get stuck sometimes. But some people seem to be able to just keep going. Not only do they seem to keep going, they seem to progress, excel and make giant leaps in their lives. Did you ever notice that? Those people who seem to be super-human. One day they’re bitching about a job they don’t like and the next time you see them, they have a brand new (awesome) job? Or one minute you see them in one bad relationship after another, and the next time you run into them…they are happily engaged or married with a beautiful baby in tow? What is it about these people? How do they go from being stuck in a cycle to BAM moved into a different stratosphere? In case you don’t know me personally, I will tell you this: I used to be stuck. In a cycle. Not moving forward. Jealous of people who were moving ahead. Confused about why I wasn’t. Angry at  myself for being jealous. Convinced I was just not one of “those […]

Okay, so I have to let you in on a secret. 3.5 weeks ago, I got a new job. And my son went into daycare…full time. And my heart broke. It has been so difficult not to see him more than I do. See, the job that I used to have was a work at home and outside sales job, which meant that when I wasn’t out on the road (2-3 days per week) I was working from my home. And I had in-home childcare thanks to my sisters, mom and mom-in-law. We made it work. Even though I was working full time, I still got to see him much more than I do now. When I took the new position my entire life was thrown into high gear. And, so…this book review has taken a back seat. I have every intention of finishing this review, but the reality is this: I have no time to dedicate to this book right now. Truly. I wish I did. But, I don’t. I could try to FORCE myself to finish this book. But that would go against every cell in my being and wouldn’t be honest. I envision myself finishing this book […]

I had to break this into two parts because…well go ahead and read for yourself. Part One A couple of weeks ago, I wrote my first post in my fitness journey. I also posted my before pics and then took them down because I was afraid someone would make fun of me. GUESS WHAT!? That person found out about my first post and that person did make fun of me. It deeply hurt me. I became sad and angry very quickly, all at the same time. I felt defeated. Vulnerable. Embarrassed. I woke up this morning and decided that I had to make a change. In the past, whenever I would begin to pursue something that is important to me…I would back down when someone would make fun of me, reject my ideas or tell me it’s not possible. For some reason, I am REALLY interested in what other people think…and this ALWAYS causes me to stop what I want to do and just forget all about it. But this time, it’s different. I am not backing down. I will put up my pics and my progress and I will continue on with this process. It can be so scary […]

May Cause Miracles Book Review: Week 3!

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(If you’re new here, click here to learn what I am reviewing and why.) As promised, I really took the time to work through each practice this week. And what a HUGE difference it has made. I couldn’t do each and every exercise the exact way Gabby suggests in the book because of my infant son. But I didn’t use that as an excuse to do nothing. Where she says to sit in meditation, I walked in meditation. Where she says to sit quietly and read the prayer for the day, I walked quietly and read the prayer for the day–all while wearing my son in the Baby Bjorn or Moby Wrap.  PHEW! It is exhausting being a new mommy. And I can REALLY use this as my new major excuse to remain stagnant. But, I’ve seen how amazing I feel after tweaking some of the program to suit my life; and I feel confident I can continue on. Some amazing changes: new exciting opportunities in my career more prosperity in my life harmony with my loving husband a feeling that I am being taken care of reaching out for help with my mentor seeing God in different people and […]