Things to Consider In Making Custom Challenge Coins

Have you decided to make your own challenge coin? If you do not know how to make your own design, you may want to read the following things that you must consider in making custom challenge coins.

1. Event

Custom Challenge CoinsCustom challenge coins are usually used as tokens of appreciation during a certain event. Such coins are commonly distributed at special events such as retirement parties, birthday parties, events showcasing a person’s bravery, fantasy football drafts, bachelor events, memorial ceremonies, poker tournaments, and business conferences. Many people utilize challenge coins in different ways which can bring fun and excitement to everyone.

2. Artwork

Before calling a certain company that offers custom challenge coins, you should decide what the design of the coin will be. Bear in mind that the design should be unique to the extent that people can easily recognize that it is yours. The image or insignia that is placed on the coin should be a good representation of what the event is all about. In case, you are giving it to someone special to you, the design must be related to him or something that can make him smile. You may include images like cultural symbols, monuments, sports teams, flags, and dates.

3. Hard or Soft Enamel

Soft and hard enamels are not related to the hardness and softness of the output. These enamels pertain to the finishing process utilized to finish the coin. Hard enamel offers a smoother texture because an ample amount of pain is flushed along the coin’s edges. In contrast, soft enamel offers a coin with raised metal edges which make the coin rough and dimensional. Hard enamel is more expensive than soft enamel.

4. Quantity

You need to know how many coins you need. If your purpose is to give it to your family members, then you may just order a small amount of coins. If the custom challenge coins are to be distributed at a special event, you may need to order coins in bulk. In this case, you don’t know what the exact number of attendees is, but you can estimate the number of coins you need. If you think that there will be 100 participants, order 125 coins or more. It is best to order coins more than what you expect to play safe.

5. Plating

Plating is the term referring to the exterior covering of a custom challenge coin. The different types of plating include black nickel, black metal, high-polished silver, gold or bronze, and antiqued silver, bronze or gold.

6. Size

The size of a coin is in terms of diameter. Usually, custom challenge coin companies use U.S measurement system. The usual size of a challenge coin is bigger than a U.S. dollar coin. Coin diameters are ranging from 1.5 inches up to 3 inches.

7. Edge

There are different types of edges that may be done to challenge coins. You can choose from flat edge, spur edge, flat weave edge, rope cut edge, oblique line edge, and diamond cross cut edge.

Any company manufacturing challenge coins would ask you what design specifications you want for your coin. If you are not ready or not aware of the possible design specifications, you may end up having a coin you don’t like at all. Be sure to study the above-mentioned things first before calling a challenge coin maker. Do not just agree with the company if they offer a design to you. You must examine it first if it satisfies your personal preference. If not, then you can contact another custom challenge coin company. Once you know what design you want for your coin, feel free to propose it to the coin maker and know if he can make it.


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Custom challenge coins are usually used as tokens of appreciation during a certain event. Such coins are commonly distributed at special events such as retirement parties, birthday parties, events showcasing a person’s bravery, fantasy football drafts, bachelor events, memorial ceremonies, poker tournaments, and business conferences.

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The Three Kinds of Speakers and Their Common Mistakes

Aside from helping other people to improve their skills, a motivational speaker also improves skills in his own field while conducting seminars, talks, and conferences. If you are an aspiring public speaker, then you must know the 3 kinds of speakers.

Three Kinds of Public Speakers

• Company Motivator

This is a kind of motivational speaker that motivates leaders in their duties and responsibilities. The speakers in this kind usually have experience in business and have been consistent members of well-known business organizations.

Company motivators have the confidence in discussing business matters because they understand the flow of the industry. They are knowledgeable about the techniques in overcoming stress and hassles of different careers. Also, they are capable of improving the leadership skills of the owner and head staff.

They inspire other people through their speeches and presentations. Another thing is that they teach employees to decrease the load of their work by working smartly. The most common topics used are about communication skills, leadership, empowerment, faith, trust, and team-building.

• Youth Inspire

Youth inspire caters his motivational speeches to the youth, especially college students. Speakers of this kind are quite young. The speaker will tell about his experiences when he was still an adolescent.

The speaker has the ability to understand the rebellious stage of the youth. He can tell inspiring words to the listeners for enriching their lives. Youth inspires are mostly invited to speak in school events to improve the students’ leadership skills, to overcome peer pressure, to understand racism, to prevent them from using drugs and to manage time wisely.

• General Motivator

MotivationThis kind of motivational speaker has surpassed many difficulties in his entire life. They have the right to speak and share the lessons they learned to the people. They are the symbol of a strong motivation for they had already been through a lot of hardships, yet they have the guts to enjoy life to the fullest. These speakers often share their experiences. The listeners could get moral lessons from the stories.

Although a lot of speakers seem to be perfect, they still commit mistakes sometimes. Here are some of the most common mistakes a motivational speaker has done.

• Opening the speech with a low impact.

The introduction part is very important. It is a win-or-lose game. If you make great impact with your opening remarks, then you are sure that the audience will continue listening for the rest of your speech. However, the audience might not listen at all if your starting words have low impact. This is because they will assume that it is a waste of time to listen.

• Do not engage their audience.

Nowadays, people are getting easily tired when listening. They need to have an interaction with the speaker so that they will not feel tired. The speakers who fail to engage the audience with his speech frequently lose the attention of their listeners. People would like to participate in a discussion. You need to draw some questions from them so that they will be interested to listen to your answers.

• Dependent on your PowerPoint presentation.

It is tiresome to continuously read what’s on the slides. If the speaker only reads the slides, then he will not grab the attention of the audience. A motivational speaker must be able to captivate the hearts of his listeners.

• Not adjusting the speech to fit in the age of the listeners.

There are different approaches a speaker must do to his listeners depending on their age and interests.

• Stuffing the speech with too many facts.

It is difficult to remember several facts. The ideal points you must have in your speech should be about 3 to 5 only. Be sure not to complicate things. Keep the message simple and easy to understand.

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Marketing Trends Come and Go But SEO Will Remain Always

Look online today for the terms marketing trends and you will get hit with a lot of opinions on the matter. The term marketing gets thrown around a lot, and in the mix is none other than seo. Search engine optimization is not something that is going to go away, no matter how hard you push against it. You will find that you need to follow several instances of protocol in order to gain ground with it, but it is not going to go away without some serious work. Marketing trends today are going to either make or break your website’s forward progress because they are just that, “trends”. Fads go away often, and many things from the past have completely gone the way of the Dodo bird. Don’t think that’s true, consider some of the past mistakes that were made with internet advertising, and how they are used today.

The Banner Ad

www.nyseoexplode.comGo back in time to web marketing in the first iterations and you will see the mighty banner ad everywhere. It seemed like everyone wanted to have a banner ad working for them and it is alive and well today, just not in the same manner. In the past, you would have to do a lot of little things to gain leverage with websites, today, you need to do even more. Your banner ad may be on a popular site, but guess what? It doesn’t help your seo in the long term. In fact, most of these ads get completely shut out or ignored by the pages and traffic that they are trying to isolate.

Web Rings

You had a website, and others had a website in the same niche, so why not connect them? Web rings are still alive today but they are terrible. Being a member of one of these rings could kill your chances of making money online and it’s unfortunately something that continues to thrive. Web rings bring artificial traffic to your pages and while that boosts the ego, it doesn’t help with your reach on the internet. You will need to do more than just belong to a ring of similar sites. You’ll have to work with seo at one point or another. If you’re a member of a directory, that’s ok, but a ring of traffic from similar sites is not a good place to be.

The F5 Traffic Booster

In the past, if you wanted to boost your traffic, you could do so by having your friends go to your page and then hit F5 a lot of times. The refresh button would boost your traffic and you could fool advertisers into buying banner ads, and you could even gain more notoriety with any business venture. In some instances, bands were notorious for doing this and getting signed with major record labels, only to flop under the pressure of getting an audience to care about their releases. Today, you can’t just refresh your page and get the hits up, or you could, but no one will believe that you’re gaining ground in a proper manner. If you’re a member of any PPC publishing accounts, you could lose them if you do this, so it’s better not to.

Chat Room Spamming

Another thing that was a great marketing trend for a minute was that of chat room spam. You could get into a chat room with others that were interested in what you were doing and spam your link. People would follow, join a newsletter and click through links and more. Today, if you did this, you would get banned within a matter of minutes. You cannot spam forums, chat rooms or anywhere with your link and get away with it for too long. It’s stuff like this that make marketing trends go down amidst real seo progress.

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