Imagine an island bordered with silky white-sand beaches and turquoise waters as far as the eye can see, and you’ll get a picture of Aruba. Float on the water and soak up the sun on a banana boat or go parasailing to get a bird’s eye view of the water. Dance the night away to the rhythmic island beats of salsa and merengue. Dine on freshly caught seafood prepared with a Caribbean flair. With a mild, pleasant climate averaging 82 degrees year-round and less than 20 inches of rainfall a year, you’ll have near-perfect weather to do whatever your heart desires in this Caribbean paradise.
Aruba is a paradise you would not want to miss.  The weather is beautiful all year long with clear blue ocean waters to gaze upon. To top it off, the people are friendly. The all-inclusive resort for adults only, is just the vacation spot for you!  Non-motorized water sports are free.  You can find lots to do like shopping, pool parties, beach games, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba and lots more.

Aruba, a tiny Dutch Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela, has dry, sunny weather, blond beaches and gentle surf. Constant trade winds bring cool breezes and cause the divi-divi trees to slope southwesterly. European influence shows in architecture that features Dutch gables painted in tropical pastels. It’s also evident in language, with English, Dutch and Spanish spoken alongside the local tongue, Papiamento.